Erich: the alleged Ju 88 G-6b of IV./NJG (with painted fin)

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Nov 22, 2004

As we commented yesterday, enclosed find some photos I took of the Ju 88 nachtjager color profile.

Show is the painted fin (in black) with the apparent purpose of having RAF pilots lull into some groundless "security"; in some situations the enemy pilots would apparently believe the Ju 88 was of an earlier (less capable) model when seeing the fin.

Whether if such a thing could be achieved in combat i simply do not know.

Do you have -or have seen- any photos of a Ju 88 of the NJG with its fin painted as shown in the profile?



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Udet I have several pics of NJG 6 Ju 88G-6's, forget the b designation please as there was not one. Taken in the Bayern at wars end. two Ju 88G-6's are in a bombed out hanger along with a Ju 88G-6 of NJG 101 at Ingolstadt-Manching airfield. I m going to have to look for them and other profiles thought to be of these birds. The A would not be yellow in my estimation . . .

E ~
Udet :

Looking at a severed tail section of one NJG 6 bird right now ............

the bck of the pic says destroyed on 27 February 1945, so it may havew been due to Allied bombing-ground attacks.

wrk nummer # 620761 of IV./NJG 6 at Kitzingen. the werk nummer in this case is in small print at the top of the fin which was normal practice but also just above tail section and below the rear tailwarning radar running horizontally through the base of the tail in large print.

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