F-86's RADIO set AN/ARC-3 service manual including wiring diagram 1955

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Mar 26, 2022
F-86's RADIO set AN/ARC-3 service manual 1955, includimg complete wiring diagram.
The radio set didn't include earphones, for crew earphone station manual, refer to:
VIC-1 including earphone and controller om&repair manual(including wdm) as well as ipc - government public release

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ARC-3 came in late in WWII. It basically was a redesigned SCR-522, with the transmitter and receiver in separate boxes, American style, so that the weight could be distributed more easily around the aircraft and the components could be changed out more easily. It was also built in other versions, like the ARC-36 and ARC-49, which were pretty much the same set but had many more channels since they were equipped with more crystal sockets.

One interesting feature of the ARC-3 transmitter is that it has an aneroid device that reduces the RF output power at higher altitudes so as to prevent the transmissions from being picked up at longer ranges by the enemy.

I have two near-mint condition ARC-3 transmitters and one very good condition ARC-3 receiver in my collection.

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