F15E Strike Eagle in the static

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Apr 6, 2005
A very short clip to show the quality of mpg before I convert them to wmv. I would like to post more mpg's but they are so big it is impractical I suspect.


  • f15e-maf98_148.mpg
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Mildenhall Air Fete in 98. I have watched the Mudhens of Lakenheath whilst paddling around on the boating lake at elvedon Center Parcs but never been to a Lakenheath Open Day. Gawd the F111s were loud but these sound like dinosaurs and wake you up during the week.
I went to 2 of the Air Fetes while there, 86 and 87. If I remember correctly, we only had one open house in the three years I was at Lakenheath. Air Fete was better, and bigger.

There was no talking while the F-111 was flying overhead. Well, you could talk, but no one would hear you. We all just learned to stop talking until they passed over.

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