F7F-3 with APS-6 radar?

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Nov 24, 2007
Little Norway, U.S.A.
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This is a photo of an F7F-3 nose. Looking at it there is no radar in the nose. This is original from the 1950’s.

There is probably room to put a radar in the nose, but there is no evidence of a radar ever being installed in the nose.
Well, there you go.
Seems like a pretty definitive answer to me.


Mar 31, 2008
I'm not finding anything on it yet but wonder if that small radar shown in the cutaway diagram was an early version of the AN/APG-30 fire control radar used in the F-86E/F later on to great effect, or a figment of the diagram drawers imagination. :rolleyes:
Unlikely - teh AN/APG-20 used a fixed horn antenna. It didn't scan in azimuth or elevation, just swept the range gate out until it got a return, and locked to that. (Unless you pushed the reject button, and it would then sweep further out)


May 11, 2018
If that's a metal nose in that last photo, then it indicates to me that there wasn't any RADAR installed. Unless things have changes since I retired from being a RADAR operator, RADAR doesn't transmit through metal.

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