F7F-3 with APS-6 radar?

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This is a photo of an F7F-3 nose. Looking at it there is no radar in the nose. This is original from the 1950's.

There is probably room to put a radar in the nose, but there is no evidence of a radar ever being installed in the nose.
Well, there you go.
Seems like a pretty definitive answer to me.
I'm not finding anything on it yet but wonder if that small radar shown in the cutaway diagram was an early version of the AN/APG-30 fire control radar used in the F-86E/F later on to great effect, or a figment of the diagram drawers imagination. :rolleyes:
Unlikely - teh AN/APG-20 used a fixed horn antenna. It didn't scan in azimuth or elevation, just swept the range gate out until it got a return, and locked to that. (Unless you pushed the reject button, and it would then sweep further out)
If that's a metal nose in that last photo, then it indicates to me that there wasn't any RADAR installed. Unless things have changes since I retired from being a RADAR operator, RADAR doesn't transmit through metal.

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