Favorate PS2 games

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Jul 3, 2006
Land of hope and Glory
What are they? Mine have got to be GUN (a very gory western), Call of Duty 3, and destroy all humans 2

Gun is the best though. It shows a guy getting his teeth ripped out, a guy getting his figers blown off ect ect. Also, it is fun just to murder evryone you see and blow the lawmen's heads off with a shotgun.
Yeah that sounds like a lot fun! :rolleyes: Of course it is fun and games on a computer screen. Go see what its like in real life...

Just my personal opinion. After seeing eneogh blood in real life, I dont find such games fun anymore.

Military games such as Call of Duty I still think are all right and I enjoy playing them (when I rarely play a game) but games where you "murder evryone you see and blow the lawmen's heads off with a shotgun." are just plain rubbish to me.
I bought Manhunt, which got banned in several countries across the world, which is quite gory and pointless, lot of fun with mates round though...

I'm quite sad and like racing games. Ill sit there for hours and just play on Gran Turismo 4 without a care in the world, its my bliss.
Whenever i get a WW2 game for ps2 i normaly complete it in a few hours, Especially call of duty games. Not too keen on medal of honour though, especially MOH frontline, The D-day mission (on Omaha beach) is sooooo unrealistic, there is only 4 MGs, while on the real omaha beach there where hundreds of MGs, tank turrets set in concrete, mines, 88s.......ect ect
MOH European Assault is Ridiculously hard. It annoys me profusely. The other 2 for PS2 are ok though - I dont care if theyre unrealistic, as long as theyre fun.
Well, you dont HAVE to mass murder everone you see, its just it's the only thing to do after completeing the game. I like Destroy all Humans 2 though.
I own 4 games and they are all xbox lol

racing games for me,

V8 Supercars which is our main racing car series over here and motogp.

Don't think much of the killing games.
That's the reason I wouldn't join the military, I wouldn't have the bottle to do what they do, so full respect for anyone who does, but it just isn't for me. As for violence in computer games, it never bothers me as its fake. Even with todays graphics, I can't see how anyone could confuse it with real life. The whole violent games/films thing has been around for ages, wheeled out as an excuse for a few individual's bad behaviour
Im not judging you for it. My belief for myself is what kind of fun is it to around and kill people or murder them just for the fun of it.
Fair enough, I can understand why anyone who's had real experience of such things wouldn't want to act them out in a game

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