First EC-37B Delivered

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May 30, 2011
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I'll bet y'all did not even know what a C-37 was, did you? From Av Week:

"BAE Systems and L3Harris Technologies have delivered the first EC-37B Compass Call aircraft to the U.S. Air Force for developmental and operational testing.

The companies announced in May the first flight of the aircraft, a modified Gulfstream G550 business jet. BAE Systems, which makes the aircraft's electronic attack system, said on Sept. 12 that the Compass Call was delivered this month.The EC-37B is designed to disrupt an adversary's communications, radars and navigation systems, as well as suppress its air defenses by stopping transmission of important information between weapons systems and command-and-control networks.

BAE Systems produces the Compass Call airborne electronic system at its facility in Hudson, New Hampshire. The system is currently used within the older, legacy EC-130H Compass Call aircraft based on the Lockheed Martin C-130H cargo turboprop. L3Harris is integrating that electronic attack system into the Gulfstream G550 at its Waco, Texas, facility.

The EC-37B has better speed, endurance and high-altitude flight capabilities, making it more survivable, BAE Systems says. The better reliability and sustainability of the Gulfstream G550 means 10 EC-37B aircraft that the U.S. Air Force plans to buy can provide the equivalent electronic warfare capacity of the original 14 EC-130H aircraft fleet, L3Harris says."

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 16-36-32 BAE Systems L3Harris Deliver First EC-37B Compass Call To USAF.png
The RAAF has 4 or 5 of these on order - designated MC-55A. Last update seems to be from May last year.
Australia's New MC-55 Peregrine Electronic Warfare Jet Breaks Cover (Updated)

Thanks for sharing. I wasn't tracking the MC-55. Looks like it has a slightly different role than the EC-37B, including some ISR capabilities. That canoe under the forward fuselage reminds me of the SAR sensor on the UK's Sentinel aircraft.


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