First FA-50 For Poland Rolled Out

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May 30, 2011
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You know I recall a skit from Laugh-In back the 60's where Peru and Ireland get tired of being ignored on the world stage so they declare war on each other in order to gain some attention. Then they can't agree on the terms of the war and get so angry at each other they call the war off. Poland buying attack jets from South Korea sounds almost as absurd, at least on the surface. But that is going to be one hell of a ferry flight!

And isn't it funny that people keep building jets that look like a redone F-5?

From Avweb:
"Poland's first Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) FA-50 light attack aircraft has been formally rolled out ahead of first deliveries next month. The ceremony, held at KAI's facilities in Sacheon, South Korea, on June 7, revealed the first of 12 FA-50GF aircraft."

Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 08-46-31 First Polish FA-50 Formally Rolled Out Deliveries Imminent A...png
I guess the usual issues with modest payload, modest electrical power for ECM, but a beautiful aircraft. Let’s see it benchmark against F5-G Tigershark.

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