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    Hello ww2aircraft community!

    My name is Sergey and I work in Gaijin Entertainment – dynamically growing Russian videogame-developer, founded in 2001. Gaijin not only creates videogames under various platforms (PC/PS/Xbox), but also researches new perspective technologies, that allows our projects have a constant success under lightning speeds of evolution on IT-market. Currently Gaijin is 6 branches and over 60 highly-qualified professionals. Our projects have won numerous awards from the press and the industry, including a number of KRI and Gamescom awards.

    Our company is constantly expanding and now we are actively seeking Flight Model Designers for our award-wining next-gen WW2 project – War Thunder.

    We have following requirements:
    • Experience in Flightsims and/or civilian or military pilots license
    • Qualification in aeronautical or aerospace engineering
    • Decent knowledge of WW2 aircrafts
    • Experience of creating Flight Models in other FlightSims (MSFS, X-Plane, etc)

    If you are interested, please send us your CV to [email protected]

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