Flying Legends Airshow 2004 [VERY GRAPHIC INTENSIVE!!!]

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Hello all! This is my first post here...

Last months I visited the Flying Legends airshow at Duxford. A yearly pilgrimage by now! ;)

Highlights of the show were a brand-"new" P-39, a lovely Polikarpov I-15bis, a stunning looking Electra.

Biggest disappointments were the cancelled performance of two other highlights: a Sea Fury and a Demon. But overall it was a very enjoyable show.

One thing bothered me though... and I have to say this... some of the displays are going a bit too far. What is the point of putting 7 Spitfires on the left and 3 Spitfires on the right, and having them fly in at eachother?!?!?! Do we really want to see Ramstein alike accidents to happen, but this time with 10 Spitfires rather than 10 MB339s??? Not me... :(
Similar displays with Spitfires were seen later on too, where Red Arrows alike head-on turning passes were performed. I have to say they did annoy me... Ok, I'll keep the rant brief... I think you got my point... :confused:

Having said that, I truly love the low-level take-offs, and those might be similarly foolish things to do with 60+ year old "flying pieces of aviation history" (opposed to "entertainment gadgets"). Anyway...

Despite some brief showers, the weather wasn't all that bad and thanks to some photogenic dark clouds I managed to get some nice pictures.

Just days before the show I got my new Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel) camera, and man it's great! So, here are some of the results! Enjoy!

So wrong, so cool :D



Lovely times six


Gotto love sun + rainclouds! Stunning light!!!


O yes, more polished metal please!!!





Achtung Spitfeuer!



And last but not least... my favourite:


Well I hope you enjoyed my new toy! Be sure I did!!! ;)
Nice pics, but puttin ur name on them and ur website is kinda gay... I cant use them 4 wallpapers, as I am too lazy to do any cropping...

The Corsair shot is great , except for the little 2 seat cessna's in the background... Ruins the pic...

But thx for the shots and write up, and welcome....

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