Flying the Me-262

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Chocks away!

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Jan 16, 2005
Is there anyone out there who enjoys flying the Me-262? If so could you give some tips to flying the craft? Take offs and landings for example , and how not to blow up the engines when you're trying to slow down or speed up (i guess being patient with the throttle is the key there)
Chocks away! said:
(i guess being patient with the throttle is the key there)
Bingo. You've gotta be real easy with the throttle. That holds true for any of the jets. I find that the 262 can be really heavy when trying to land, so I try to find that "sweet spot" of an angle from which to almost glide it on in. That way I can tell if I need to add more power before it's too late and I thunder in like a brick. Like you said, if you slam the throttle forward you go up in flames, so if you're too low before you notice a problem you'll probably crash.

To be honest though, I only fly the 262 once in a while. Lately I've been more into the biplanes. ;)
I like playing with it, climbing to 10,000m, then setting the engines on fire and going all the way down... whilst extinguishing the flames and breaking my plane apart
and that too
Henk, I've finished the campaign, destroyed so many stuff... I just get bored often so i destroy planes in the craziest ways i can
My Wife, Lara, loves to take off with the '262, only to purposedly slam it on the ground to see all the pieces going apart.
But when she decide to fly it seriously, she is doing just fine.
BTW, her Me.262 is overall pink colored with the "Hello Kitty" little cat painted on the nose.
Thanks God she rarely fly online....
general notes on jet planes in Il-2:
They are not modeled as one might whish.
energy management is very important.
You may prevent the famous engine flameout by limiting the
thrust output relative to altitude:
at sea level do not exceed 85% thrust for more than a minute, for starting procedure
hold the breaks, turn up the throttle to ~80%, loose breaks when the engine has spooled up to ~7500 rpm. Increase poweroutput to 90% until take off speed is reached. Reduce throttle to 85% after lift off!
You may increase the output to 90% and eventually 95% at higher altitudes without real problems.
Pay attention that the game does not model the engine overrew ability of the He-162 (115% for 30 sec.).
Landing is a bit easier, choose a steep angle for vectoring, reduce the thrust to 30% and adjust path by gliding, set the recovery point approx. 1 mile before runway (important because You generally will be fairly fast).
best regards,
I know what you mean Looma, even though I haven't played Sturmovik.

In Blazing Angels, I kept on trying to skim the water with my wheels. If the wheels sank too deep you usually blew up. But if you could keep it barely skimming the surface, you could go for a jet ski ride.

I also tried scraping the ground upside down in a loop and then see how much of a engine fire I can get before it's too late to glide back up.

Thats what makes a virtual world really fun for me.:rolleyes:
hello - first post here

Me-262 is my single favourite ride in FB - its mass fun

the engine heat is related to speed , not TAS either but speedbar speed - you go slow youll overheat , overheat for too long your power drops . up high you actually going faster than what the speedbar says so theorectiacally its supposed to be ok , but FB counts engine damadge in the Me-262 according to your speedbar speed

basically you cannot hold certian power levels untill your over the minimum speed for that power

you want to be over 550 Kmh for the motors to not give the overheat message on 100% power

you can set both motors to 100% before you start them they will spool up ok - just set your keys up for seperate engine start youll be fine for quick starts

the Schwalb is a hi-speed dream - dont be afraid to TnB , it handels great over 350 Kmh

its got just about the worst accuracy guns in the game (Mk-108) , so its a plane you have to be a good shot in - i have seen a couple of people now get more than 10,000 points in one limited ammo sortie against 4-engine bombers (same mission im jinxed at 9K - cannot get over it no matter how hard i try)

up high (over 6K) it performs poorly - over 7K its floundering

hope you have fun flying the game , im not involved with FB so much now but it used to be all i played , for years
dude, to kill it, just do the classic way, sneak up from behind and fire ur R4Ms or get close enough to blast him to hell
Glad to meet all of you folks.

The 262 is by far the most fun in terms of Destruction you can wreck upon the enemy in IL-2.. I never flame the thing out. Simply by boosting the engines by 10% about every 6 seconds until I hit 80% throttle it just revs up and its fine. Release the brakes and you are off to the races. I never touch the throttle except at high altitude and landings.
I've been flying the Ta-152 lately and love the little beast too.
I love Me-262 though it takes time getting used to throttle slowly in order not to set your engines on fire, but it is those four canons in its nose that are a real treat.
The cannons are alot harder to use in realistic-gunnery mode.

And you only have to throttle-up slowly untill the engines are over 6,000-7,000 rpm, after that the fires dont occur. (just like in reality, due to better turbine cooling functions at these speeds)

Personaly I like using the P-39/63's cannon more than the Me-262's due to more predictable trajectory (still drooping but straighter) and with a better punch than the 108, though the ROF is low (~140 rpm) so I tend to use it more as a semi-automatic fassion.
The Me-262 is fun but I like to climb alot so I always get engine fires. The cannons are good for any job though.
If you want good climb you could turn-off engine-overheat, or turn off limited fuel and set to 25% fuel, or both.

Though the YP-80 still has better performance at the same fuel % due to lower fuel capacity (~60% of the 262's capacity) so it is inherantly lighter and has a better thrust/weight acceleration and lower wing-loading. The range is about the same as in the 262 with the same % fuel due to the far higher efficiency (lower SFC) of the J33 compared to the 004B. Though the Production P-80A had a higher max-weight due to addition of external stores, which brought it into the same weight-range as the 262 (~14,000 lbs) albeit with a 1,200+ mi range.(carrying tip-tanks)

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