Flying Tigers, a new $20 million musical

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Apr 6, 2005
According to Variety, Flying Tigers, a new $20 million musical about "the volunteer American air guard that helped defend China from the Japanese during World War II" will make its Broadway debut in April 2007.

The musical will feature direction and choreography by Walter Painter, music by Roger Anderson, lyrics by Kenneth Jones, and a book by William Luce. The creative team includes set design by Robin Wagner, costume design by William Ivey Long, and lighting design by Ken Billington.

Variety also reports that the production will feature a cast of 25-30 as well as "an environmental set and dogfight sequences."

The show is still being written, but the story will include "the Flying Tiger recruitment process as well as a fictional romance between a Chinese doctor and an American nurse." The main character will most likely be General Claire L. Chennault, the man who created the volunteer group. Producer Don Gregory says he is going for Tom Wopat for the role.
Interesting, wonder how they'll put it together
hardly original subject for owt... the film of it was so so as well... now if they did an ice dance version.... with giant electric penguins....

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