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Aug 21, 2006
Hi Joe

Thought you might be interested in this document on light recon aircraft in the use with ground forces of the US.

Enjoy Micdrow


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Hi Joe,

You would happen to have seen any thing more on this or know any thing more this aircraft would you.

Or any body else? Would like to see the trapeze mounting.



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That's a new one for me! A cub is so light, why remove the MLG?!?!? Great pic, maybe someone else has more info on this!
Yeah I thought it was unusal also, because of the date. I would of thought blimps would have pretty much a thing of the past around 1944. At least according to the article.
Glad I could be helpful. Here's a side note...When I was stationed at NATC Pax River MD. in the mid 70's I worked with a first class PO who said he had been in the last two airship squadrons ZP-1 and ZP-2. He was in the decommissioning detail for both. He had a few funny stories too.. like the time he fell asleep on "ballast watch" and awoke to find the airship standing on its nose atop the mooring mast. :oops:

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