French Ace Leon-Jacques Richard

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Oct 2, 2006
French Air Force Dewoitine D.520 ace Capitaine Léon-Jacques Richard got seven kills in World War Two, the last in May 1942; all these kills were against RAF aircraft.

How's that for a gallant ally? I bet that he pretended to have been a frustrated supporter of the Free-French, too.
Impressive !!!
French pilots were that good ?

It was said that their planes were poor (lesofprimus).

the lancaster kicks ass
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i wonder how well he'd have done in a french plane...........
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Not that well I'm sure...

Though this ace shot 7 allied !!!
We were lucky some French fought WITH RAF rather than AGAINST.
Do you have some kind of a problem with Les, that you go around the forum and find quotes that he may have said to use in your point. I sent you a pm. Please respond to it and explain yourself.
I dont understand you : i completely agree with lesofprimus.
Actually, i think he is totaly right about french planes.

And of course his statment plus the one of ndicki leads to the conclusion about the french fighter great skills.
Well, I think the D.520 had some potential, if it would have had a better engine, it would have been quite a match for the ME's. Too bad, the French didn't see that :)

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