Fuddy Duddy in Buffalo

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I saw that one back in April. Some of the old gear is not in it because it was used post-war as a transport. The lower half of the top turret and the gantry mount for the ball turret are missing. But as a transport, Ike flew in it after the war and MacArthur flew in it in the 1950s. So it is really pretty historic. Enjoy it, I know I did!
i heard ilooked and i saw that big yellow tail its nice but what was sad is they couldn' t key up a formation with the lanc thats down the road and as a postscript the merlins sound much nicer
in the winter not so often but in the other 8 months i would say an average of once a week usually at about 2000 ft and about 4 laps around now with the 109 spit and hurri within a 10 minute drive it makes sitting outside sipping a beer a pleasant thing
Lucky! :mad: The only aviation we get at my house is a few Helo's, and maybe once a month or so we'll get some F-18's or suchlike fly over. Better than nothing.... :rolleyes:
When I lived in Tattershall, when my dad was stationed in RAF Coningsby, all I had near me was the BoB-MF. Is that something special? :laughing6:

And when RAF Finningley was still open we got everything in for the airshows. :laughing6:

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