FW 190A-3 "Captured" RAF Camo

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Also, would the cowling ring be natural metal?

The enlarged two shots of the "Prototype" may suggest the ring painted.



While the one without the "P" markings shows it in bare metal tone I would say. It might have been because the paint could peel off.


However these may suggest a paint there ... but it doesn't seem to be one of the camo colours although the yellow could be.


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I have a hard time believing the Kecay interpretation of the upper surface camo. Given that the later aircraft shown in the colour pic are DE/DG uppers with Type C1 roundels on the fuselage, I have a hard time believing that the earlier photos of MP499 (with Type A1 roundels on the fuselage) would be in the grey/green camo. DE/DG makes much more sense to me, with yellow undersides - IIRC that was the standard scheme for non-operational types (eg trainers).

Of course if these colour images show these tones correctly. However the DE/DG set with the roundel A1 type sounds better to me as well.
Note that the aircraft shown in Posts # 1 and 14 are not Faber's aircraft - it's a later model (possibly the A-4 which force landed at Manston [?], I'd need ti check LCA to confirm).
All of the B&W pics I've seen of Faber's machine suggest DG/DE/Y, and the colour pics I've seen confirm this.
Also I have mentiond the pics in #14 are of the same kite Andy had posted. I posted them in order to compare the tones while seen in B&W images. But the on in the #1 is the Faber's one according to all sources.
I admit, I posted some time after reading the posts, having noticed the differences. And yes, it's definitely Faber's machine in the first pics.
I'm still trying to find that colour air to air pic, which shows the camouflage pattern, as it was taken from above and forward, on the starboard side.
Agree with Andy, the post was added starting with the A-4 I believe. Fantastic work gentlemen. I'm going with DE/DG over Yellow. This was going to be my first choice as well but after browsing the web and seeing all but one model, profile etc. pointing to OG/DG, I was having doubts. When the time comes during my "What's on the Bench" build I'll need some help with markings and weathering. I think there's mud on the fuselage wings as a photo Wojtek posted showed that the tail section was wet. Karl, I think I have the Prototype markings from my Meteor as well.When I get home I'll give my decal stash a thorough going over and if I can't find them I'll take you up on your kind offer
Yep.. the posted by Karl pics shows a late type , just the A-4. According to a net source it was PN999. But I'm not sure if the kite wore the Prototype marking. All known pics of here present her without the sign. Also it was of the A-5 type. The Kecay publisher says in the book it was PE682. But at the FalkeEins' site the serial isn't listed at all. I think it could have been PE822 or PM679. Both are mentiond there.




British_RAF_Fw_190A Kecay.jpg
Z. kokpitu MP499 Część przetrwała wojne. Stoi dziś w muzeum Shoreham Aircraft. Niestety, zrobić TYLKO Trochę rozpoznawalne na zdjęciu.
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