GB-56 1/48 P-47D-25 - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Thanks all. As mentioned in my last post, the roads went for a crap. At the start of the first shift, day-shift had left us two trucks up against berms. We had three trucks spin out during the night. We had three graders going and each of us was tied to a ramp; back and forth all night long, very boring. I spun out eight times, sliding backwards for about 40 feet. This went on for three nights. By Saturday the temperature had dipped to -11°C and I could head back out on the dam. The last three nights were in the mid -20°Cs. Anyhoo....modlin'. Seam clean-up done and some Olive Drab added. I found out recently that the areas under the clear parts were camo coloured or in this case, anti-glare panel coloured. Hasegawa has erred with the O.D. at the rear as have many modellers building this option. When the Invasion stripes were removed from the tops of the fuselage and wings, the ground crew didn't quite read the memo thoroughly I think. The front two stripes remained and the last three were removed to the bottom of the insignia. They also removed the anti-glare behind the front two stripe to the tail


Next up, I'll be spraying white for the fuselage stripes, left flap stripes, horizontal tail stripe and vertical tail markings
That sounds like cold, slippery work at camp Geo !
The model is looking good, and thanks for the info rear the colour under the canopy - I've been trying to confirm that !
Thanks guys. And now, in the "Why didn't you tell me to remove these before I had everything together?" category


Right side is done and rack attached. Very awkward. Left side needs a bit of fine tuning. The rack won't be attached until the painting is done as it is Neutral Grey and the underside is NMF
Thanks Wojtek and Andy. I have chosen to paint the markings instead of using the decals and for me this is going to be my ultimate masking nightmare to date; seven colours. For starters, white for the invasion stripes on the fuselage, lower port flap, and the vertical and horizontal tail area stripes.




For those keeping score, you will notice that I accidentally glued the port rack in place. I was so impressed with the fit that I had a brain malfunction and hit it with glue. This will now have to be masked :dead2:
Thanks all. First colours shot and reshot; screwed up measuring twice. First, the good. The Hasegawa instructions show the invasion stripes going to the bottom of the fuselage star and bar. The photo shows the forward two wrapping around


The do-overs. Hasegawa makes no mention of the lower left flap being a replacement with invasion stripes but there is a photo showing this. I screwed up making them 18" instead of 20" so I had to remove them and reshoot the white. Under the fuselage, I'll have to make the rear black fuselage stripe a tad wider. I had so many marks trying to get everything lined up that I chose the wrong one. Arrow points to the right one. No big deal; better to cover white than trying to cover a too wide black stripe Done tomorrow.

The extent of the stripes could be a matter of when.
Many times the striped were put on the all around and later painted over of taken off of the upper surfaces.

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