German emergency landing between 1939 and 1945

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    this thread will be about German aircraft emergency landing in Sweden. I will use the book series "emergency landing" by Bo Widfeldt

    1. 1930-02-26
    Do 18​

    Six months before the outbreak of war, on February 26, stranded a wreck after a German military flying boat than type Donie Do 18, in shallow water at Högby on the northern coast of Öland. the fuselage was floating belly up, and with wings and engines were missing. Previous weeks had the Navy radio station in Karlskrona perceived a message that a German military plane crashed in the Baltic Sea, south of Oland. The aircraft was abandoned by the crew on 23 February. they made it up in inflatable life rafts and were rescued by a German warship in the waters between Oland and Gotland. Do 18 had normal four-man crew. When it became known that the aircraft wreckage three days later ashore on Öland, also developed a permit for any salvage. a purpose-built rescue vessel Grief, belonging to the Luftwaffe, arrived in Öland at the end of March. The staff could lift up the wreckage of the aft deck and bring it back to germany. The German units in which the aircraft was, the 2nd staff is in küstenflieger Gruppe 60, was based in Kamp in Pomerania on the Baltic coast and equipped with twin-engine Navy spy planes Do 18th The unit's main task was to conduct reconnaissance of the ocean.

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