German WW2 ammo

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Jun 20, 2024
Hi guys,
first sorry for my english if I make some mistakes :) I would like to make small WW2 German ammo collection. I printed few examples and found guns what should ise it. Just in fast:
7,92x57 - MG17
13x64 - MG 131
15x96 - MG 151
20x135 - MG 213 (I think never produced, so what was 20mm ammo and cannon which Germans used?)
20x138B (Long Solothurn) - Flak 38 and MG-C30 (not sure with this gun, I think it wasnt big production for planes)
30x91 - Mk 212 (but I think its more 30x90 what was more famous Mk 108)
30x184 - Mk 103 (big boyy)
I know that first 3 and last 2 was used quite a lot in different fases of war. Can you help me what ammo I am missing? And also know somebody documentation about types? Like with explosion, AP, etc.. sorry I am completely new in this and would like to get as much info I can so I can paint them how they should with all times in that caliber.
Thank you everybody, I will be happy for every help and info and have a nice day :)

I have and found some photos like these. 13x64, 30x184, 15x96 and rest but no info what is differences I can just guess. And thats my goal to make collection like this :)


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