Goodyear F2G-1D Super Corsair

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Feb 24, 2004
Alright, I thought I just might post here, because most of the people who is F4U Fan never got see this picture before and I just post this picture right now. :)


F2G Super Corsair was enter the combat in June 1945 what the historian said and it design to stop the Kamikaze Japanese at low alttuide. It supposed to be fastest corsair because F2G was carry 3,000 HP and since before they see the action, Big major problem for F2G. F2G control cause so much problem and so the Goodyear would fix the problem, but the bad news that War was over in August 1945. Goodyear cancel 400+ Production of F2G for US Navy/Marines Corps. in winter 1945 and only 20 were made.
GermansRGeniuses said:
nice info but bad english (no offense)
Oh sorry that I had "bad" english and I gotta say that I have hearing lost that I was born deaf and having hard time to write. Very Sorry about that Germans.
That's an old picture of a super corsair. This picure is of the only flying F-2G Super Corsair in the world, owned and flown by Bob Odegaard of Kindred, ND. It is the actual aircraft that won the 1949 Cleveland Air Race, restored back to its original colors.


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Rafe 35 yeah! This is my aircraft! After all these years I KNOW which is the plane I love most. I've built a couple of hotrods shade-tree-mechanic-wise, but you think a 289 Mustang is hot? This F2G must be the dream of everyone who ever loved reciprocating-engined aircraft.
Listen: I turned down the Spitfire XXIII in favor of this Vought product. I turned down myriad Mosquitos and Mustangs for this Corsair (in my dreams), and now I'm going to fly it exclusively (also in my dreams). I'm inventing a time machine to go back to 1953 and get me one of these for $1500...
Can we make more of these planes? Can we as a forum here all pitch in to buy every Corsair airframe in the world, and convert them to F2G configuration? I say we go for it!
Frederick A Johnsen says, "A contract was let in March '44 calling for 428 F2Gs to be built...most F2Gs with non-folding wings, the rest with folding wings...only five of each type were built". That makes 10.

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