Greetings from new member seeking connections to investigate stolen medals

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Nov 1, 2021
I've been a casual fan of German fighter pilot Hans Marseille for a few decades. Back in the 1990's the medals awarded to him were stolen from a museum in Germany. I've recently noted on a popular website that a person posted a claim that, as of 2 months ago, they are the owner of his personal medal. A quick online investigation traced this person to a city in the US. Now I've thought about taking this investigation further and, if this claim of medal possession proves true, I'd like to see if the medal can be recovered and returned to the museum.

Now, this person claiming to possess the medal may or may not know that it was stolen, and that he may need to return it to Germany. There are two outcomes to this situation: he proves himself a valiant person and voluntarily returns the medal, or he denies he owns it, and hides it. I'm of the mindset that it's better to have all the pieces in place to set up a checkmate.

I know there are some others in this forum group that are interested in this history, and perhaps may have some connections, or be able to make connections happen, with the Marseille Kaserne (Hauptstraße 141, 25482 Appen, Germany) from which the medals were stolen, and inform them of the possibility that one of the medals may be recovered.

I'd also like to connect with someone in the Portland, OR area who would be willing to check if this person is still at the address and workplace I found during the online investigation.

All responses appreciated.

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