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Airman 1st Class
Nov 17, 2023
Idaho USA
Looks like a great forum, I am retired and really appreciate having more time to partake in one of my favorite hobby's. been here in Idaho for decades, we have a few military museums that are nice, great for reference. I am looking forward to participating. I served onboard USS Detroit 1977-81 IC2 , 6th fleet, lots of exposure to ships and aircraft.
whats all the little planes about? signiture? me slightly stooopid:D

No these aren't the signature although these have been attached in the line for that. In my case the siggy is the pic with the FW 190A slightly above. The small plane icons are the GB icons as Marcel mentioned it above. All guys who participate in the GB projects and could finish his model at 75% at least, are entitled to get a such icon.

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