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Hello you all
I'm BertUS (the US is meaned by my interest in the Allied site of WW2 , mostly modelbuilding orientated)

I'm from the Netherlands, so I will excuse at first thing for my poor knowledge of the englisch language

I am a modelbuilder for at least 50 years, started at the age of 6 (got the virus of my dad. Well, not all the 50 years it was building, had also some interest in other models, female models)
I'm building a lot of things, almost military from ww2 and Vietnam, and the most of them were airplanes

Recently I finished a Artesania Sopwith camel 1:16, a stripdown airplane and now I'm trying to built a stripped down Mosquito . But I'm design my project in the first steps digital.
So'I hope to find a lot of info 'bout the inside of a Mossie
O btw the scale will be 1/32

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