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    Good evening,

    I am looking for some assistance with my research.
    I am attempting to create a detailed look at the engineering staff involved during WW2 in keeping the aircraft airworthy. But I am having difficulty in finding any detailed information.
    From my searches i have come across MUs, CRUs, fitters and Halton Apprentice.

    My research is in two parts - looking at the military staff involved and then the civilian workforce.
    Is anyone able to provide me with a suggestion on where to gain information or provide an outline of the war setup for me to expand upon?
    I am searching for details regarding training, postings, duties and experiences.

    If you wouldn't mind answering my questions:
    Were civilian outlets more involved with repair or did the RAF have a large force itself?
    Did the RAF staff cover certain tasks and the aircraft were passed elsewhere for extensive repairs, etc?
    What would have been repaired at the airfield and what would have needed greater concern?
    Does anyone have any knowledge on repair techniques? Or facilities at the airfields?
    If craft were sent for repair, would a ferry pool transport replacements to the unit?

    Thank you for your time,
    Any information would be greatly appreciated,

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