Hartmann's tulip A/C defin. Adler?.

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Jan 18, 2007
In the bleak Mojave des.
Erich Hartmanns tulip nosed G14, always imaged as a standard DB605A powered craft, yet long ago I perrused a German publication, I could not afford which refrenced it as a BF 109-G 14 AS. Often footage of him landing the "G14" shows the cranked rudder of a G 6, Werk Nr 166221 a group suitable
to either mark. The only photo of the plane I've seen shows prescious little
of the ship to go on, however one blade of the prop seems to have a profile consisant with a VDM9-12159-A "paddle blade" associated w/ 605 DC or ASM
powerplants. Adler, this machine graces your every entry, I'm betting you can help. I really need to know, as I have some ten years, scratchbuilding a conversion, an "Airfix" 1/24th 109E to a G 14 AS. It features hinged cowls access hatces, a joystick that works ailerons elevators, detail almost microscopic. I just have to give it that "Schwarze tuefel" paint scheme.
I know I gaffed the spelling of Ger; devil sigh.
Let me dig through my stuff and see what I can find. I am going out tonight with my wife so I wont be able to get back to you till tomorrow probably.

Believe it or not I might not be able to find you answer on this. Erich is probably the most likely to have the info that you are looking for.
Thanks for anything you can do. Take you're time the kits been in the mix ten yrs a day or two won't kill it. Maybe Erich will find me and help out.

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