Hawker P1027 and P1030--Rolls-Royce Eagle Tempest

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Nov 3, 2022
Mansfield, Ohio, USA
These were aircraft based on the Tempest, but redesigned to use the Rolls-Royce Eagle engine (basically an enlarged Napier Sabre developed by Rolls-Royce). The P1027 resembled a Tempest, but with a P-51 type radiator intake under the fuselage (though it appears that the oil cooler and intercooler in a nose mounted intake), while the P1030 resembled an enlarged Tempest I with radiators, oil coolers and intercoolers incorporated into the wing leading edges.

Both were expected to have a top speed of at least 500 mph, but were dropped when Sydney Camm and Hawker decided to focus on more promising jet fighter designs.


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