He 111 prototype test bed with Daimler-Benz 601 engines?

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chris ballance

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Jul 21, 2022
Does anyone have any information on this Heinkel He 111 test bed with two Daimler-Benz 601 engines? When was it converted, what model of He 111 was used and any idea where it was tested? Any guess on how the performance of the He 111 would have changed? - edited original post to change engines from DB 603s to 601
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Sorry I only found this in the book:
Heinkel He 111: An Illustrated History by Robert Forsyth (2014), page 197
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I could not find any mention in the next pages of the book
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On this website the W.Nr. of D-APZD is 2-111
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He111 V32 (WrkNmr 2122) D-APZD was manufactured by Heinkel in an H-6 configuration and modified as a prospective R-2 variant by Weser in winter 1941.

The first CASA built 2.111 didn't fly until May 1945.
Where did the info that they were 603s come from? It seems that lacking more reputable info to the contrary, they are indeed 601s & possibly a title change would save confusing folks. Perhaps IDing them as being experimental 601s would be appropriate.

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