Heinkel He 46E-2

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Jan 1, 2006
The Heinkel He 46E-2 was made for Hungary and used the Gnome Rhone 14K engine. What was the max. speed and weight unloaded of this version of the He 46?


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Althought, there is information that Hungaria used the aircraft, I couldn't find the technical data for He 46E-2.From my point of view He 46 E-2 was similar to C-version. Judging by photos, engines were differnt but the rest was the same.

Type: He 46C-1
Function: reconnaissance / attack
Year: 1933 Crew: 2 Engines: 1 * 480kW Bramo 322B SAM
Wing Span: 14.00m Length: 9.50m Height: 3.40m Wing Area:
Empty Weight: 1765 Max.Weight: 2300kg
Speed: 250km/h Ceiling: 6000m Range: 1000km
Armament: 1*MG15 7.9mm bombload 20*10kg=200kg

Some nice pictures at the link http://home.mit.bme.hu/~tade/pages/acpicts.htm

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