Hello from new fella

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Sep 13, 2006
Hello everbody on the forum, with a passion for WWII warbirds, I'm just feeling my way around here. Very nice site indeed, I have strong ties to Bomber County in Lincolnshire, basically I was born where Lancs took off and made history, I'm not sure how helpful that is !!
Anyhow, glad to be here !!
Ok here goes, I'm living not far from RAF Scampton, a few of my family have served in the RAF other armed services. If I look out of my house ,I can see the Red Arrows a few days of the week doing their thing for the new season.
I guess that's where my love of aircraft of all types came from, my grandad was a bomb armourer at RAF Hemswell during World War II, my cousin was in Air Sea rescue after Nimrods and Shackletons.
Hope this is a good start !!
last time i saw a Shackleton was at Amberley RAAF base early 1960s in RAF livery colours and RAF Scampton know of it well. another Lancaster base during WW2. Welcome to Lancaster appreciation society twostep hahaha
mine does't really go back any further than WWII, but that's quite a lucky location you've got yourself! i've been inside the nose section of a shackleton once but i was too young to apprechaite it, or even know what it was :lol:

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