Hello from Spain skies!

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Jan 24, 2007
Hello all!

My name is Fernando Sola. I was born in Munchen, Germany, but I have always lived in Alicante, Spain. Now I live and work in Zaragoza.

I am 31 years old, and besides WWII aviation, my hobbies are wargaming (Advanced Tobruk System, Panzer Leader, Air Force, Fighting Wings...), History and my motorbike, a beautiful blue Bandit.

I discovered this forum looking for technical information about the 109. People posting here are truly masters of the topic. Thank you all.

By the way, do you imagine what is my favourite WWII plane? Yes, the "stick in cement", the "dangerous landings", the "poor longitudinal control", the "unresponsiveness", the best: Bf 109.

Greetings from Spain,

Fernando "Gustav6" Sola.
Welcome Gustav6, your favourite fighter is my favourite German fighter too.
I like its "robust" design.

Is your Bandit a 600 or a 1200 ?
Bandit 600 '01. She has carried me to every corner of Spain, Marseille, Tunisia... I always think I must change her for another bigger machine, but when I see my Bandit and think the things we have done together that idea vanish from my mind.
Then keep it. I have the same feeling with my 955i Triumph Tiger.

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