Hello to All

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Jan 27, 2007
St. Louis, Missouri
Hi, Yes I am another newbie here. I just found this site this morning.
My name is Mike and I love history, specifically military and especially World War II.
Before anyone questions my screen name, I am a Tsgt in the USAF Reserves; 4 yrs Active Duty (Mar '81 - '85); Reserves since Oct '85 - present.

I was searching on world war II aircraft wrecks and found this site and thought I'd check it out. Last night I watched a history channel show on a B-25C that was recovered off the coast of North Carolina from a lake.
I always look forward to the Air Shows at my base every year mainly to again see the vintage aircraft from the past.

Ok, I won't bore y'all with anymore about me, so How is everyone?
Hey Mike, I too am a newbie as of today. I have no idea what I am doing here so please give me some breaks...lol. I am an old R/C scale model builder of many years and have an absolute love of things that fly especially of WW II vintage. My nickname is derived from a 1/5 scale model that I built of Butch O'Hare's Grumman F4F.
Lancaster - I am assigned to Scott AFB, Illinois with the Reserves - full time.
I am thinking about scanning posting some pics I've taken over the yrs of the warbirds that have been there. I have a few pics if anyone is interested. I'll have to dig them up.

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