Help w/B-26 unit emblem ID/Colors

Discussion in 'Aircraft Markings and Camouflage' started by Johnny Signor, Jun 23, 2009.

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    I recently a photo of a B-26 Marauder serial # 41-31582 Battle number 05, onit's nose an obvious "Disney" unit emblem design-it depicts a Gorrilla standing on a cloud,one leg raised,he's wearing leather pilot helmet/gogles,his right arm lowered and holding an aerial bomb,his left arm raised towards face and appears to be rubbing eye/cheek and he is looking downward,all on a round background with an outer border.
    This B-26 was assigned to the 17th Bomb Group/34th Bomb Sqd but the emblem is not the 34th or 17th design, possibly a "Stateside" design for the Sqd/grp? Anyone who can help Please contact me at............
    [email protected]

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