Hi everyone. Proto novelist on the research trail

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Sep 18, 2023
Hi there, I've just joined and wanted to say hi.

As a 70's kid raised on WW2 comic books and war movies I have been a life long warbird enthusiast with a fairly extensive book collection and have been a regular visitor to airshows at IWM Duxford which is not far from me.

Now as I semi retire from my professional career I have started writing a novel that has been in my head for at least a decade. It is centred around an event in February 1944 during Big Week, but it is mostly about how the protagonists got there and their character arcs, so much of it is set in pre-war Germany and North Carolina.

I'm at the research stage, and reading voraciously, so you may find me popping up in threads and asking lot's of questions about B17s, Bf109Gs, tactics and operational procedures for both the 8th AF and the Luftwaffe, and crew training on both sides. I'm also planning a research road trip around Europe next year, so will be interested in relevant places worth visiting

Looking forward to lots of fun conversations!

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