how accurate are the eduard profiles for those 2 109 F' and pics

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aurelien wolff

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Sep 20, 2018
Hello, I'm tempted to get the new bf 109 F 1/72 scale combo from eduard, so I have to ask how accurate these 2 are and if pics of Richard Ubelbacher yellow 3 of 6/JG 2 exist, google doesn't help much.


The box art:

Thanks for your answers, I'll try to advance on other WW2 themed plane this year (me 309 from RS model, bf 109 F2 from eduard at 1/48 and hobby boss ta 152 C).
The issue is the nose got covered and the page profil show a blue part on the cowling while other show it in yellow sand. Look like at some point, the plane didn't had white wing tips.
In the pic it can be noticed that the nose of the kite was of the white like other Bf109Fs of the JG27 in the Noth Africa had.



the source: Modelarstwo z pasją • Zobacz wątek - Bf 109 F-4/Trop. Wk. Nr. 8673

In the pic you may find that the wing tips were also of the white. If you have a close look at the leading edge of the starboard wing wing at the fin leading edge you may notice the white piece.



the source: Modelarstwo z pasją • Zobacz wątek - Bf 109 F-4/Trop. Wk. Nr. 8673

In the pic it can be noticed that the 8673 had the white wing tips also at the stage.


the source: Modelarstwo z pasją • Zobacz wątek - Bf 109 F-4/Trop. Wk. Nr. 8673
Thanks, looks like it's the 100 victory marks before painting, the aero journal had that plane on its last special number on the fliegerfuhrer afrika cover and a profil (with some pics of another marseille 109)

I wonder if thre's a picofthat plane clearly showing the exhausts to see if it was blue or yellow sand I saw the glass shield and part of the head rest were removed, I wonder if they weren't there when it was delivered because other planes from JG 27 did had the shield it seems.
In both pics posted above it can be noticed that the external front bullet-proof glass wasn't attached. Also you may find that the inner armour plate behind the pilot without the top part also was installed. As memo serves these parts were the additional ones initailly and weren't attached by the factory. So the aircraft presents its state as she was delivered.
Regarding the bottom part of the engine cowling and its colour ... I haven't seen any images of the aircraft showing the area. So it could go either way. But it seems that the yellow colour was applied there.
Ok, now I've been looking for richard ubelbacher 109 but only found profiles on google, no pictures yet
Small detail I just noticed but eduard shows the tail wheel with a white band but choosed to do the other wheels without white, unlike the profile wurger posted.
Some show it with black tires, I wonder if the difference isn't due to the pics not being clear enough on the tires.
IMHO you are right with the assumption. Not all images show the tyre in the way the white can be noticed. Usually it is in the fuselage/tail shade. Additionally the white was getting just dirty quickly. Also could get yellowish/brownish what caused its appearance also darker.


the source: the net
I see. The smaller opening at the right edge of the white band is a slot for lifting of the tail. The same opening was on the another side located symmetrically. The larger one seems to be the peeled off paint or a patch of a minium/red lead coat as a corrosion protection there. Howevever it can be a damage cause by a bullet and repaired indeed. However the damage or a trace of repairing can't be found in other pics of the plane.


the source: Hans-Joachim Marseille

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