How to use the bookmark tool.

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Mar 26, 2007
Or better, use the bookmark of this board. It is in the user profile and has a filter for easy search.
Think that will work just fine for me. Just have to bookmark every thread i want to add stuff in and done.
As an admin I can't limit the search option because I need to see all. But for any user who needs the particular threads to display only it sounds very good.
Its also a nice way to store users fav. Threads. And those fav are searchable with typing i.g 38 instead of typing lockheed p-38 lightning and then find the thread one is looking for. Very nice indeed. I will make a how to later so every body can take advantage.
click on bookmark on your profile

now it shows your personal book marks on this board


To add a bookmark look up the one you want i.g. p-51 thread of me and hit that book icon and hit save.


the result


If you have a lot of bookmarks one can enter a search
Now if you have a lot of bookmarks(like i will have very soon) use control f for finding short like typing 51 or 38 or what ever floats your boat

with hitting these you can edit or delete the bookmarks


And see i managed not to use containers or everything else i do not understand


hope it will be useful to some of you
A little addition. If one has many bookmarks made in this boaod there will be paging like g 1 pg 2 etc And then control f key search because less effective because it reads only the page you have before you.
But with just a sec more of your time you can add a label ( piece of text of your choosing like groundhog thread) just anything you find helps you selecting the thread you are looking for in your bookmarks

step 1 hit the bookmark icon


step 2

Add the text you want to remember the thread by in the label box con confirm by clicking on the text below what you just typed (red arrow)


If you have done that correct the management of your bookmark is easy. Now if i type just a part of the label you have given it ( yellow label) in this case the word non, it will present you with all label you have made containing the word non. Then click on the one you want (red arrow)


The result is that now you can click on the link you want and searched for and et voila you are there.


It will certainly help you if you have a ton of favourite bookmarks. If you ever forget to label a fav one can always edit the bookmark made earlier or delete it all together.

hit (see yellow arrow) and a little menu will roll out.


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