How well did the Junkers JU-188 perform in the war?

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Mar 21, 2005
Thought the JU-188 was a pretty hot ship. Any thougts?
atleast you have a 20mm dorsal rather than a tiny MG, ive heard that spitfires that were intercepting suddenly heard their engine make wierd noies than they aw that they were hit by the 20mm of a Ju-188. but there were slightly more than 1000 Ju-188s built
The Ju 88 was a solid plane. Versatile was the word for that airframe. It took al sorts of modifications and configurations and performed pretty well in its roles.
Twitch you maybe meant the Ju-188 not the Ju-88? The Ju-188 were a great aircraft and it performed pretty great in it roles. Based on the Ju-88 only jazzed up and modernised to keep up with the allied aircraft.

...sorry to wet on your bonfire Hot space but,i think you'll find that the ju88 was able to better 350 mph...i've a book called 'wings of the luftwaffe' by capt eric brown (former royal navy cheif test pilot RAE Farnborough)in which it states that the ju88G could reach 363mph at 33465ft or 389mph with MW50 boost..or without flame dampers-402mph at 29855ft...
Oh well, but you're right, with Jumo 213 engines, the nightfighter Ju 88 could top 400 mph at altitude.

But only without radar antennas and without engine flame dampers. The standard Jumo 213A may have not been enough for this, the high alt 213E/F was needed for this.
im going to have to say that the ju 188 was an awesome follow up from the ju 88: improved and redesigned cockpit (roomy and better visibility, increased performance (stronger engines and cleaner/more aerodynamic wings and tail), and probably most importantly defensive armament. The best armed being the ju 188A had a forward firing mg 131 13mm, a mg 151 15mm, or a Mg 151/20 20mm, an EDL 151 dorsal turret with a mg 151/20 20mm cannon, a mg 131 13mm in the rear dorsal position and a mg 131 13mm or a mg 81z twin 7.9mm in the ventral position. Not to mention its improved speed of 325mph and having the same heavy payload as the ju 88. If infact had the ju 188 come in earlier and in larger, i would argue that it would have been the best twin engine aircraft of wwii because imagine it doing all the roles the ju 88 had done (other than bomber)

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