HS 404 gun during lioré et olivier 45 development?

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aurelien wolff

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Sep 20, 2018
Hello, does anyone know when was this gun planned? I know a HS 9 was initially planed but I'm not sure when the HS 404 was proposed. I know the plane production already started in december 1938, the magazine "l'aéronautique" of this year show some fuselage being assembled. I found those drawing who seem original (and will help me for my heller kit, albeit one is going to be pure from the box to compare it with the otherwho'll be detailed) but I don't know when they were made Équipement de LeO-451 (présenté par Peggy) - Musée de l'Aviation - Warluis
THanks for your answers!
IMHO in September 1936, when the STA specifications for a new bomber from November 1934 were revised.

STA requrment.jpg

the source: French Bombers of WWII - Squadron Signal 1189.
thanks, so the HS 404 was in already for the prototype, the HS 9 and mac 34 showed in docavia was more of a study then.
It seems that the general requirements for the new bomber by the STA didn't say what types of the MGs there should be used. So the prototype was designed to carry the armament chosen by the plane designer in order to match the specification. While the STA said the HS 404 should be installled , the prototype was changed to host the kind of the cannon.

To answer your question docavia book ... it looks like that's the study only for the LeO 450 if you meant the data on the page 71. If you scroll back to the page 68 you may find the data for the LeO 451 powered by the G-R 14N engines
Hispano-Suiza was getting into their patent/royalties/kitchen sink dispute with Oerlikon and the license for the HS.7/HS.9 ran out. Less of an upgrade decision than an option disappearing.

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