I-16 landing gear

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Jun 19, 2005
Hi guys !!!
I would like to ask you how to open the I-16 landing gear in the Il2 FB.I've tried with "G" and others but it hasn't worked.I've crashed ten times trying to do it.Help if you could,please.

u have to go to the controls and set the "lower gear manually" and the "retract gear manually" and u have to keep pressing that button until the wheels wont move.... personally i use ctrl + g and shift + g.... but u might find something better
no need, on a landing approach i don't need that much control and i can still shoot stuff down with the gear lowered, although it is more convenient CC's way
Hi guys !!!
CC and Looma,thank you very much.The manual operating buttons weren't defined in the control menu.I've done as you said and it's working now.

Thanks again !!!
I haven't been requested to do it so far.Because,I have never used I-16 in the game.
One of the clever features in Il-2 is its reproduction of cockpit operations that weren't automated and had to be done by hand - the I-16's hand-wound undercarriage is a great example.

I'm still waiting for someone to code the Hurricane's emergency hydraulic pump though.



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