IAR 81c colour scheme

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No flags but the US stars at tops and undersides ..... and that's not the 'White 7" seen above that was the G-2 variant. The plane with the US flag was the Bf109G-6 WNr.166133 "White or Red 31" , Capt. Constantin "Bazu" Cantacuzino, Grupul 9 Vânătoare , the pic was taken in Italy, August 1944. There is quite a lot of photos of the Bf 109G-6 on the net.


the source: Messerschmitt Bf-109G that were captured by advancing Soviet forces Russia 1943



the source: Captured Bf109G-6 WNr.166133 with american flag
That 109 had, as you see in the picture, an Erla Haube, probably after a Werft repair.
The flag on the fuselage was hastly painted for just one mission, in which Major James Dunn was squezed in the fuselage, after radio equipment removal and Cpt. (prince) Constantin "Bâzu" Cantacuzino took him to Foggia, Italy. The flag was still wet at take off moment, so the white paint of the stars on the right side run towards back. On the wings there was old fashion stars in 4 positions. The emblem on the engine hood was painted after a symbolical ceremony in which germans recognised the valueable actions of the group renaming it "Group 9 - Desloch/Șerbănescu. The emblem was recreated by me after a drawing on a card from the journal of Lt. Ion Dobran (res. Gral) The plane was part of Group 9 and was crashed by an american pilot after a trial take off at Foggia.
Mr. Dunn was the highest ranking officer detained in Romania at Timișul de Sus at that time and by returnig him to the USAF, romanians wanted to prove their good intentions in regard to peace negotiations with the American side.
Bâzu returned from Foggia in a P51 Mustang offered him by USAF. He later become commercial pilot for LARES, but beeing harrased by the new comunist regime had to flea via Turkey to Spain.
You will find many more pictures of this aircraft on the net, by just asking the pilot name and the type of aircraft.
Also you will find decals in 1/72 and 1/48 at least.
Great full thanks, wonder if the P-51 was given Rumanian Markings ??
P-51B "Mustang", s/n. 43-24795, Nr.71 "Sleepy Ann", of the 318th. Fighter Squadron, 325th, the plane Cantacuzino flew back to Romania.

However the another source states it was the Mustang ...

and the starboard of the P-51B above ... no "II" in the name "Sweet Clara" for the side


the source:
Also found the info that the P-51B, Cantacuzino returned the Romania, might have been taken back to Italy by one of the POW Mustang pilots few days later.
Many thanks Wurger for your excellent response. Photos and profile drawings are most welcome.
Thank you for this extra info Fubar57,
I assume you made a typo error .
You mentioned "SWEET ANN".
Shouldn't it have been "SLEEPY ANN" ???

No worries, it's me that usually has finger trouble 🙂

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