IL-2 ... um ... continued~!

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Nov 9, 2004
Bristol, UK
Now here's something to torment you with - and's too late, so it won't happen!


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Well, at least it doesn't seem to have gotten past the mid stage of developement. If it had been near completion and then abandoned, then I might be a little pissed! :confused:

Unless of course that's for BoB. Then I shall rejoice! :D
"....after the Italian armistice, the Luftwaffe had captured all fifteen P.108 Cs and P.108 Ts built. They were used at the Russian front, as part of Luftflotte 2, where they performed sterling duties, among others during the evacuation of the Crimea in 1944."

I'm surprised they never built a AI one, with that being the case.
Or because UbiCnuts are too busy thinking they're fighting in the Second World War and making cheap hollow threats to anybody who challenges that.
Ever seen archive footage of the crowds at Donny Osmond or David Cassidy concerts?

That's what they're like!

And they call eeet puppppy lurrrrrurve! :lol:

It's all become so clear! They're all hiding a repressed sexual attraction to Oleg, and all they really want to do is have his babies!

I hope they don't find his bushy moustache too tickley!
Since they tune in from time to time without logging on (pussies) I'll say this.

It's the most demeaning thing I've ever seen. He is perfectly capable of looking after himself and his family, and by sending money the unintentional implication is that he can't.

In short - that is why you can't do things like that, even to aquaintances, and certantly not to complete strangers. Yuck!

It's sad that he's been hurt, and I have nothing at all against him, which is why I wouldn't patronise the guy by doing this.
Medvedya said:
I can make your toes curl up inside your shoes, just by posting up this link.

Urm... you can't do things like this.

You just can't! It's embarrasing to even read - I wish to Hell these are just kids talking, but I know they're not. They're fully grown adults who you'd think know something about the way the world works!

Yep, sad, sad, sad, sad SAD :rolleyes:

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