Individual Aircraft record Card for B-24 Liberator 41-11599

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Apr 18, 2019
Looking for a copy of the IARC for Liberator 41-11599. Trying to confirm when it arrived at Dorval on delivery to Britain as FK222 in the spring of 1942.

ex 41-11590; dld Dorval 24.5.42; dep Dorval 29.5.42; arr Prestwick 3.6.42; SAL, Prestwick, 3.6.42; SAL to 22 MU 6.6.42; to Lyneham on loan to BOAC for training 25.6.42; Lyneham to SAL 26.7.42; 22 MU; 120 Sqn [OH:A] 27.8.42; SAL 31.1.43; 86 Sqn 27.2.43; damaged in forced landing on beach, Tullen Strand, Donegal, Eire, 18.3.43, after convoy patrol; recovered; airframe to SAL arr 30.4.43, remainder later; repaired and awaiting collection 1.7.43; SAL to 51 MU 17.7.43; 1332 HCU 1.12.44. SOC 6.7.45
Many thanks for the quick reply. I see that the content from the RAF Commands database quotes the USAAC serial as 41-11590. Will post again once I've sorted that out.

Update: Three reputable source books, two giving the USAAC serial as 41-11590 (Oughton and Butler) and one as 41-11599 (Air-Britain).

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RAF Commands has
FK222 ex 41-11590; dld Dorval 24.5.42; dep Dorval 29.5.42; arr Prestwick 3.6.42;
FK223 ex 41-11599; dld Dorval 24.5.42; dep Dorval 29.5.42; arr Prestwick 30.5.42;

Air Arsenal North America agrees with the serial tie ups.

The RAF Serial Registers have Taken On Charge dates of 3 and 1 June 1942 respectively. According to the RAF logs for trans Atlantic flights FK221 and FK223 flew Gander Prestwick on 30 May 1942, FK223 again on 1 June 1942, FK222 on 2 June 1942. The USAAF has identical details for the transfer of 41-11590 and 41-11599, Wayne Co. (Britain) AB File 2 May 1942, La Guardia AB file 20 May 1942 (Britain), then Britain 24 May 1942. Plenty of scope for confusion.
Thanks, Geoffrey. I suspect the two serial tie-ups in the Air-Britain book The British Air Commission and Lend-Lease were transposed.

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