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Aug 8, 2005
Anything on HMS Ocean and RAF Hereford during and shortly after WW2 would be greatly appreciated.

Also which Regiment was famous during Rourkes Drift?

This and it's sister Regiments antics in WW2 would be appreciated.

Thank you
As far as the forces at Rouke's Drift, B Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot (2nd/24th) Did much of the fighting, but there were other units represented as well.

There was a small detachment of No. 5 Field Company, Royal Engineers, commanded by Lieutenant John Chard

There was about 100 Natal Native Horse (NNH) under Lieutenant Alfred Henderson,
(many left when the battle began)

A large company of the 2nd/3rd Natal Native Contingent (NNC) up to 350 men under Captain William Stevenson
(many left when the battle began)

The most of the battle was with about 150-160 defenders.

There was also a few units represented by the patients in hospital at the drift. By the end of it they had all fought as best they could, the wakling wounded were put onto the firing line to add to the defence. I hope this helps!
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Well when you get as old as I am you don't like to rush with an answer. I thought about it for 6-7 years and then wrote a reply. hehe

Anyway a touch more info. the unit was B company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Foot: it later became the South Wales Borderers and now the Royal Regiment of Wales.

Even during the battle with the Zulu's it was mostly Welch in make up.

A little while ago the BBC stired up a bunch of poo when they suggested via a documentary that many of the Victoria Crosses earned at the action at Rouke's Drift were given to the wrong people. They suggested it was to cover up the defeat the same day at Isandlwana.

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