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Pisis said:
i like the stuff about the mafia, but in fact the whole page is cool. i saw scarface with al pacino two days ago.

here's what i found something more scientific: ;)

::::::::::::: ::::::::::::: interesting point of wiev on islam

I lived in the same community as Paul Castellano. The guy he was murdered with Tommie Bolotti was good friends with my dad.
hmm... paul castelanno tom bolotti, were they some gangsters right? but tony montana was a crazy man anyway. :lol:

where in col? in know some people from col, btw. ;)
i know the guys like lucky luciano, al capone (btw, he was arrested by a czech-american detective kučera or how was his name...) his bros, bugsy siegel, meyer lansky, guzik, etc... but don't know these above.

btw, did you see coppola's godfather?
Oh yea - the first "Godfather" movie was filmed on Staten Island - where I grew up.

The mobsters I mentioned were actually 2nd and 3rd generation NY mobsters. Carlo Gambino worked for Lucky Luciano in the 1930s.

Lucky Luciano was almost murdered and left for dead on a beach, a Staten Island beach! - that beach, Great Kills is also few miles from where I grew up.

I saw the lifestyle first hand when I was a kid. The rise to power of the first NY Mafia is fascinating; Lansky, Segal, Luciano. At the same time these people are animals and would kill their own mothers. One thing that Mussolini did right was arrest all the mafia members and parade them around in cages :lol:
I don't think the person, or people, who wrote the site understand what an influential military is though. Since they've listed Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. :rolleyes:

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