Iraqi Ju 52

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Mar 23, 2004
Does Anyone have any photoes of one? Also, any german or italian aircraft in iraqi markings of any kind would be welcome.
Bf 110 D-3:

Actually, Mig-29's are still fairly advanced, and the F-15 is the only plane with a real chance of catching a Mig-25, so Iraq's Air Force was ok in terms of planes, it jusn't wasn't organized and obviously paled in comparison to the USAF.
I remember reading somewhere that a B-52 made a record 36-hour round trip mission to Iraq* and back, from somewhere in the
western states

*Might have been Afghanistan
Hmmm. They didn't for the first Gulf War. Those old dawgs are holding up pretty well considering they are getting pretty old. I guess I have to sit corrected here. I thought they only deployed from US bases to the ME and nearby.
According to the Air Force fact sheets, the B-52A first flew in 1954. B-52B models began operational service in 1955. The last one built, the B-52H was delivered in 1962. The H models are the only ones still flying. According to Air Force numbers, there are still 85 in active service and 9 in the reserves. Long service life, for sure. When my father was in the Air Force, they had them (1959-1963) and they were in use in my day as well (1984-1988). I don't think Boeing ever envisioned them being in service for anywhere near that long.

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