Irish Airborne??

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Sep 27, 2004
I just got a call from my son who is a 1st Lt. in the US 82nd Airborne....he said he is making a Hollywood jump with a Irish Airborne jumpmaster...does anyone know if there IS there a Irish Airborne unit? I have never heard of one...I think my son is messing with me....
according to my son when he made this jump, he would recieve Irish jumpwings....I thought the Irish units were part of the UK military...anyone got an answer by chance? Does the Republic of Ireland havea Airborne unit?....I know other countries do this as there are a fair amount of worldwide Airborne units....if you jump with another countries unit or with that countries jumpmaster you can get that countries wings...My uncle did a Hollywood drop and recieved Israeli jumpwings.
The Irish Army has 3 infantry brigades, the Defence Forces Training Centre, the Equitation School and the Ranger Wing. The Ranger Wing service is open to Army, Air Corps, and Naval Service. It is airborne capable.

The Irish Army has a company of Airborne Rangers.

The Army of the Republic of Ireland maintains a company of Rangers whose training is similar to that of the airborne rangers of the U.S. Army. The Unit is officially designated 'Sciath Fianch an Airm' , which is translated as 'The Army Ranger Wing'. There is no direct English translation of the term 'Fianch' so the designation Ranger is the accepted version. 'Fianch' links the traditions of the 'Na Fianna' (Legendary Irish Warriors) with the present day Irish Defence Forces (laigh na hreann).
Not all jump trained units are airborne, people should really remember that. The 2nd RAF Regiment (I think) is jump trained.
This Irish unit are jump trained Airborne Rangers.

I am not sure of how many units there are that are fully Airborne Units in the world. I know in the United States there is the 82nd Airborne Division and the 173rd Airborne Brigade. They are full Airbone units. I know the Germans have atleast one Airborne Brigade.
I spotted an old post about Irish airborne troops awarding irish jump wings to U.s troops.Yes ,the Irish army ranger wing were invited to particapate in the " Randy Oler Memorial operation toy drop " dec. 10th 2005.At their first time particapating in the event they awarded 1200 jump wings.The ' WING ' ,is the irish version of Delta force.They have operational experience in some of the worst sh **%^*£"s in the world ,Somalia .East timor ,South lebannon .They train with some of the best special forces units in the world.Oh and one other little matter. They have nothing to do with the British Army ,they are part of the Irish Republic,s defence forces.Cheer's.
There ya be. Hey Stonewall, we're hearing over here that the Irish want to secede from the UK under Brit rule. What does this mean to you? I'm confused as they say this would be a peaceful secession and you would still somehow be integrally involved in UK politics and economy. Can you help?
I live in the Republic (completely independant of any other country ). Six counties of Ulster are still part of the U.K (Britian ) ,at the moment there is direct rule from london and there is a political process in the pipe line to get an Ulster Parliment ( Stormont ) to govern the six counties and have control of local goverment ,as is the case in Scotland and Wales. But the London goverment would still be in overall control ie, defence.It is still the case that the majority in Ulster do not want to break the link with Britian.The Troubles have always been political and not religous.Certin people like to allow it to be seen as religion based for their own reasons.I hope my little effort to explain a very complicated situation helped you and did not cause you more confusion.
Ich bin zu help.Best des glucks glucklich. I hope what i just wrote was not double dutch. ( Irish humor ) !!!!!
Stonewall, it was a good explanation - especially where you correctly pointed out that religion was not the source of the present troubles.
Thanks. Foreign T.V tends to listen to the Thugs or their political masters to get their sound bite, to make the news " sexy " ,or " dumb down " for their viewers.This is a shame it allows sterotypes to become ingrained in peoples minds.Ireland is neither a quaint emerald island or a priest ridden back water.Like every where else we have good and bad in Ireland it just rains here more than it does in other places .At least it seems as if it does.
Never been there - one day, I'd like to. One of my best mates is a half-Catholic, half-Protestant Irishman from the South who served as an Officer in the British Army. Just thought I'd mention it to confuse the stereotype-believers.

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