It's amazing how Montreal company can make wonders !

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Last week, when I was in Québec City to make some repairs on my pick-up truck, I stopped at a computer store nearby. I took a look around before heading for the (small) games area. (Yeah, that store was more specialized in radios/cell phones/computers/TVs than in actual programs.)

I ended up picking up the first game of the "Splinter Cell" serie for $15.00 CND (plus taxes).

I just completed the last mission tonight. It was a damned good infiltration game. However, when I saw the credits, I was surprised that 90% of the names are French. I made a quick search for Ubisoft and realized that the Montréal office of that big company made 14 games since it opened in 1997... Including all of the "Splinter Cell" game serie.

A side note : I read on the back of my CD case that the original voice actor of Sam Fisher was Michael Ironside. After seeing a few of the movies he was playing in, I can say that the character of Fisher fits perfectly with the kind of character Ironside played. However, I wonder why they did not take him for the French version... I think he is bilingual, no ?


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How can it be "ridicoulously" hard ? I mean, the hardest it is, the more "human" the AI looks.

If you hear a guy knocking down your buddy next door, you'll go take a look at it, no ?

I must say that I never played the second game, though.
It is brilliantly realistic, granted, but you have to do it stealthily...I like to be able to go in all guns blazing if I have to...

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