Jack Malloch's Rhodesian Spitfire F22

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I grew up seeing a Spitfire or a Mosquito daily flying low and very close to our house while they were on weather flights from RAF Woodvale. Both iconic aircraft, but the Spit is the most beautiful aeroplane ever and the sound of its Merlin raising the hair on your neck and arms.
Many years later, I was living in Salisbury, Rhodesia and watched Jack flying his Spit around. Living in the higher North-east of Salisbury, you could hear that Griffon engine as he circled around the city from one end to the other.
He "buzzed" the Salisbury Showgrounds once - none of this woke 1 000 ft nonsense - he was down near the deck - maybe 150 - 200 ft up MAX!!!
This film brought back many memories of the plane and the people who had flown them - I knew several as my Dad after the war had been the Air Traffic Control Officer at 611 (West Lancs) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force at Hooton Park, Cheshire. The squadron had flown Spitfires during and after the war eventually converting to Gloster Meteor F.8 at Woodvale before moving to Hooton Park in about 1951. Many pilots of 611 - and 610 (County of Chester) which shared the aerodrome were Spitfire pilots, and the CO of 610 Sqn - Jas Storer - had been the youngest pilot in the Battle of Britain. I moved amongst heroes.
I think Jack would have been happy to go out the way he did as he had done the ultimate. RIP Jack

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