James "Cobber" Kain´s Hurricane Mk I - what wing?

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Dec 2, 2004
Hi folks,
as I wanna build Hurricane Mk I of James Kain, coded P and named "paddy III" I would like to know some more of look of this bird.
I have got a kit from Sword which included fabric covered wing only.
In instructions of this kis there is camouflage of Kains Hurri, but it is different from that one which was noticed at Replic. Also, Replic declared Kains Hurri as with metal wing, wih S/N L1808, whereas Sword´s instruction reads fabric wing with S/N L1766. Osprey "Hurricane Aces 39-40 and Polis AJ Press declare S/N of Kain Hurricane as "unknown"..
Could anyone help me, please?
Thanks a lot..
I mean which of those two machines really was "Paddy III"
Nazdar Olas,

nice to see someone (except myself, lol) representing the Czech colors here! Welcome!

here's a readme of one of my skins I did for EAW. The info is taken from "Hurricane Monography" by Jozef Wrobel (or I think so... :) ):

Hawker Hurricane Mk.Ia 'Paddy III.'
Edgar James 'Cobber' Kain
No. 73 Squadron
May 1940
Battle of France

Kain became the very first ace of the Fighter Command. Serial number of this aircraft is unknown.

Drop the TPC 3DZ files into your main EAW folder.
Thanks to Claudio Wilches for his BoF Mk.I 3DZ files!


Hawker Hurricane Mk.Ia 'Paddy III' přidělený 73. peruti.
Pilot tohoto letounu, Edgar James 'Cobber' Kain, byl prvním esem Fighter Command.
Sériové číslo letounu není známo.

Rozbalte TPC a 3DZ soubory do vašeho EAW adresáře.
Nový Mk.I 3DZ model: Claudio Wilches.

CS HQ - http://www.cshq.wz.cz/index.html

...so I think that one with the unknown s/n :)
Good luck with your searching!
Letu Zdar!


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