Janes Longbow/Longbow 2

Discussion in 'Other aviation games/sims' started by Rogi, Oct 4, 2011.

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    I find this game is still awesome, not just because of all the medals you get but it was one of the most enjoyable sims I've ever played. Unfortunatley under xp and up I can't play it or any of its versions of the game, it either lags or just doesn't work, I wish I could re take to the skys in this epic sim. Longbow was the first sim I played that really felt like a flight sim and that was pure fun on any setting of the game, later on from it I ended up buying Janes WW2 Fighters but it can't compare to Longbow, Janes F15 was also a huge let down, the sad part is when someone creates such an epic sim and trys to follow up on it they can't.

    Granted, F15 and WW2 fighters are ok games, but they can't compare to longbow or longbow 2 (not to mention the many expansion packs that came out with it)

    I just wish someone could create a game that is similar to longbow cept in a diffrent time era, I've tried Il-2 and its good but maybe its nostalgia or just that feeling you get when you play the game can't be compared. Is anyone like me about this game? Or am I loko :D?

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