Japanese aircraft seat and skin?

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May 27, 2008
hello, been a while since I was on this forum - moderators please feel free to move to appropriate sub form.

I recently purchased what was advertised as a seat from a japanese aircraft and a piece of aluminum skin (don’t recall the proper metal used in jpn aircraft). came with some tags which were a mix of army and navy stamps. so…high likelihood this is a bunch of non japanese aircraft parts. but, still holding out hope.

I couldn’t identify the seat from the mikesh book. all rivits are missing and holes all along the perimeter of the rim of the seat. there is a cord at the top holding some painted canvas material - perhaps the seat was covered with canvas?

if not, Japanese would at least like to identify the proper aircraft. This seat came out of.

the skin looks more blue grey than green, but the scratches are a yellow green. so again, holding out hope this is japanese but also thinking it is american.

thanks for the input in advance.


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thank you shinpachi. I am hoping some of the experts in western aircraft might be able to identify the seat.

any thoughts on the painted metal panel?
Seat - if aircraft should have a part number and inspection stamp if ww2. Post war critical parts usually have ink stamps but most other parts usually still have physical metal stamps - seat back is not critical

Skin - No primer suggests a fake
thanks! I checked the seat over - could not find any stampings or other identifiers. is that only for western seats? (should japanese seats be stamped too - didn’t see any stamps in the mikesh book and was thinking it would have been a data plate that could have been removed?). from my small handling of japanese instruments, they weren’t stamped like US plane parts and instruments.

regarding the panel, if it was painted with aotake, would there still be a primer ( I thought aotake was the primer)? I am mainly a jpn flight uniform collector, so don’t know what the different shades of aotake look like. this is a dark blue grey green, with scratches that seem yellow. that sort of matches the description in the books. but defer to those with hands on knowledge.
I am not sure if Japanese aircraft used stamped on part numbers - it is too long since I worked on one - Shinpachi would probably know.

Regarding the primer - I saw a lot of Japanese aircraft in all sorts of conditions in PNG starting in the 70s and one thing that was consistent was that the Japanese paints and primers did not peel off like some Australian, British and US paints and primers.

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