Japanese Piston Engines

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Oct 2, 2006
Seems that there is very little information on Japanese piston engines. Anyone have leads on the technical side.
Off hand I know of no good ones that are still around. Seems to be a very hard subject. You can find stuff on japanese gauges, radios and aircraft but nothing on the engine's themselves. Maybe one of the other members will know of a good site.
That's what i have found so far. You can get number of cylinders, radial, but as far as displacement, max hp at rpm/height, compression ratio and such it is sparse.
I have some of the info on the Mitubishi Kinsei Golden Star Series engines. Along with the Holy Star and a very limited amount on the Mars series engines. Any of these interest you.
From the "Kinsei" details, it seems that the Mitsubishi Kinsei was a mix of Gnome-Rhone 14 K , Wright and Pratt engines...


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Hi Sinpachi,

>List of Japanese radial engines showing dimensions, displacement etc.
(Translated by Google language tool)
Translated version of http://www.warbirds.jp/kakuki/sanko/en_japan.htm

Thanks, that is highly interesting! Do you know the source of these figures?

We're currently trying to figure out A6M performance, and it seems that the Allied tests used a variety of engine settings (rpm and boost pressure) that might or might not be in accordance with the actual Japanese ratings.

Here is the link to the other thread:



Henning (HoHun)
Dear HoHun,

Data sources by the item in details are not introduced on the site.

We regard the site itself as an edited data base because it covers not only Japan but U.S.A, Germany, Britain, France and Italy widely as if a volume of a book.

For checking their reliability, please access to its homepage below

Click the green box and you can jump to U.S.A's engine list.
I didn't use a translation tool to post here because, if used, you can't jump to the link. Language tool may cut the link.

Or you can contact with Editor directly as I may let you know his mail address.

Best regards,

I'm very interested in the article but I am having difficulty with your link....my Web Browser shows it as "gibberish"....any tips would be appreciated.

Sorry KevinB for my imperfect introduction of the engine lists but
here has come kool kitty89's good assistance!

That is what I want!
Thank you kool kitty89:)
That's a good site, I found a very comprehensive one on US engines a while back (in English) with a similar layout of the data, but unfortunately I've lost it. :(
This has a complete list of USAF engines and subtypes from the period with lots of details. It doesn't give WER power and some of the engines have been downrated in 1949 from wartime.

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